Saga Pearl II -

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Saga Pearl II, replicated in scale 1/250. Again a real passionate model ship built for Saga Cruises head office.
Saga Pearl II was built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Hamburg in 1981 as Astor for Hadag-Cruise-Line. A well-known passenger ship featured in a German TV episode from 1983 and 1984. In 1985 she was sold to Deutsche Seereederei (DSR), Rostock, renamed Arkona after a longer period renamed Astoria in 2002 then aquired by Saga Cruises, UK in 2010, renaming her to Saga Pearl II. In April 2019 she left the Saga-fleet.

The model features a very high level of detail, fully custom made parts, using no third party items.

The equipment is replicated and placed appropriately either by shipyard or maker's drawings. IMO signs for lifeboat assembly stations are in place as well as tiny parts as firehose boxes, lifebuoys and deck neon lamps imitation with transparent part. One of each of the two ship's horns located on front and aft part of the funnel consists of five parts, measuring 3 mm in length. Just to give examples of the level of detail.
The colour brilliance is according to the real ship. The model is not fully painted in high-gloss, but painted as seen on the real ship, semi-gloss dominates as well as flat shaded parts.
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